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September 2017 Tip


Many businesses have different kinds of leads, depending on how the lead is originally created and what kind of business interaction is intended for that lead.

Zoho allows for more than one "layout" for lead creation, depending on what information is required. You can choose which default layout is assigned to a role, which could potentially save a little time (not to mention mistakes) in a busy call centre.

To assign a default layout to a role, simply go into Setup, Modules and Fields (under Customization), click on the ... next to Leads, then from the following screen select the Layout Assignment button. This screen will show you all the roles and available layouts. All you need to do is select the layout you want to assign as the default for a role, and click save.

default layout

Other layouts will still be available for selection if appropriate, but if you find that a particular role in your organisation uses one layout more than others, it might be worthwhile to assign that layout as the default for lead creation.

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