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February 2017 Tip

Zoho Campaign Gotchas

Ever wondered why the number of Contacts synching between Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns doesn't match?

There are a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is that any generic email addresses are ignored, so you will have to manually import these from Zoho CRM, if you really want to include them.

Here's the comprehensive list:

  • info@
  • abuse@
  • postmaster@
  • admin@
  • root@
  • webmaster@
  • help@
  • support@
  • issues@
  • mailus@
  • legal@
  • jobs@
  • careers@
  • payments@
  • feedback@
  • customercomplaints@
  • services@
  • sysadmin@
  • products@
  • administrator@

Checking Other Sync Issues

Did you know you can check all the reasons why records are ignored during a sync?

Here's how.

  • Open Zoho Campaigns
  • Click on the Contacts tab, then Sync Contacts
  • Click on the Sync Description of interest

Step 1


  • Click on Import Details
  • Step 2

    This table shows the results of all imports in reverse date order. If there was any issue, a hyperlink would allow you to click to check the problem and take steps to fix it.

    Step 3