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October 2015 Tip

zoho Mobile App  

This is our very first Tips and Tricks post, and if you've got an Android? Then it is your lucky day - this one's for you!

Find yourself on the go and need to add notes or update a Lead/Contact on the fly? With voice-to-text functionality, it is easier than ever to update Zoho while you are out of the office, via your Zoho Mobile App.

Grab your phone and follow the below steps to learn this nifty tip! We have incorporated screenshots with each step so you can follow along. Too easy right?

Ok here is how you can do it:

STEP 1:   Download and Open the Zoho Mobile App on your phone

Step 1

STEP 2:   Open Contacts or Leads

Step 2

STEP 3:   Click on the Search Button in the top right hand corner

Step 3

STEP 4:   Select the Contact/Lead you wish to update

Step 4    Step 4

STEP 5:   Scroll to the very bottom to view the Related Information Options and select which field (e.g. tasks, notes etc.) you wish to update. Using this method you can update any text field. We will use Notes as an example

Step 5

STEP 6:   Observe the two buttons in the top right hand corner. The microphone allows MP4 voice to be added as a file. Alternatively, you can simply add text. My preference is to use the Text button so it is easier to read in your Zoho Database (which eliminates having to upload your MP4 file). Click on the T button (text) to add

Step 6

STEP 7:   Note the microphone in the bottom left hand corner next to your ABC key. If you have a Smiley face instead, just tap the ABC so Sym appears instead and you will see the microphone key next to it

Step 7

STEP 8:   Tap the Microphone key and say out loud what you wish enter. It will then appear like the screenshot below. Tap the Microphone again to Stop. Make sure you press into the content area you are trying to update first so that your 'voice to text' appears in the correct section!

This is a much more accurate and faster way than trying to use the normal keyboard.

Step 8    Step 8

STEP 9:   Hit Save and you are done!

This is how your finished product will appear in Zoho Mobile App:

Step 9    Step 9

This is how your finished product will appear in Zoho on your computer

Step 10    Step 10

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